Social Media Continues Rapid Growth in 2011

In this Infograhic from SEJ, the use of Social Media is not even close to flattening out, but in fact it is still seeing phenomenal growth in 2011.

All age groups continue to see growth, with the largest gains in age groups 50 – 64 – maybe the ones with the largest amount of disposable income.

Facebook continues to lead the way with a whooping 310 Million daily unique visitors and has 640 million registered users. Interesting fact is that users using their mobiles devices has increased by 200%! Many companies are now seeing more user hits on their Facebook Page over their website.

Twitter users increased by 26%, while number of tweets increased by 252%. I see Twitter as an untapped opportunity for companies and individuals to increase their visibility.

80% of companies use Social Media for recruitment, 95% of them use LinkedIn.

With the continued growth year over year, companies-large and small and individuals, must continue or even start to use social media to promote their brand, their products and their services. Or they may be left behind by their competitors.

Here is the Infographic.


About Len Vassos

Helping Small Business and Individuals develop their Social Media Presence to increase the visibility of their products and services. I also volunteer many hours in the community as the manager and assistant coach of Mississauga North Girls Softball team. I manage all aspects of team finances, budget, fundraising activities, procurement of uniforms, equipment and professional player training.
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