Create a Killer Wall Image for Your Facebook Page

One of the most important aspects of your Facebook Page is the Wall Image.   It can either make or break your page in terms of the number Likes your page gets.  Your Wall Image  has to look good and provide relevant information for your fans.   Unlike your wall, and other tabs, your Wall Image is always visible.

animal hospital toronto

Wall Image of a Client

A Wall Image can virtually contain anything.  Although, there are limitations such as dimension.   Maximum dimension for a Wall Image is 180px by 540px.

At a minimum a Wall Image should contain:

  • Your Company/Brand Name
  • A Graphical Image that represents your products and services
  • Your Company Tagline
  • Your Company URL
  • Email Address

If you’re are a bricks and mortar page, also include address and telephone.  Also if Twitter is a key element of your Social Media marketing include your @twittername.   You want easy access to all your pertinent  information – once they have to start hunting,  you have lost them.

One of the drawbacks of Wall Image is that you cannot add clickable links.   But, Wait, here’s a cool little trick!   When you click the Wall Image, it takes you to the Profile Picture Page with a comment.  The trick is to add all your URL links and additional information to the comment.   If you look at the example below, you see all the links and and it even gives you a Preview.   You can even add “Click Here” on your Wall Image to entice clicking of your Wall Image.

parkdale animal hospital

Profile Pictures Comment

Remember, because you are entering in a comment, you will need to Shift+Enter for every new line.

Having all the information at your fan’s fingertips and giving them the ability to easily get to it by using URL links, will get you more fans, more engagement and ultimately more customers.

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About Len Vassos

Helping Small Business and Individuals develop their Social Media Presence to increase the visibility of their products and services. I also volunteer many hours in the community as the manager and assistant coach of Mississauga North Girls Softball team. I manage all aspects of team finances, budget, fundraising activities, procurement of uniforms, equipment and professional player training.
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