The Rise of QR Codes

Came across a great infographic from Queaar on the increased use of QR Codes. I too have seen a greater adoption of QR codes in print media, websites, and even billboards. What is a QR Code?

Here is a sampling of the stats:

  • QR Code scans increased by 4549% in just a year
  • Most scans are done by owners of iPhones
  • Women scan more than men
  • 11 out 50 Fortune companies are leveraging QR codes in their marketing strategies

Business uses mentioned:

  • Product Info
  • Coupons
  • Paperless Tickets
  • Social Media

Other uses not mentioned:

  • Contact Information – telephone, email
  • Resumes
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Cards
  • Directions to Events
  • Conference Badges

We are becoming a more mobile society with the advent of smart phones. QR codes can be  the gateway to information about a company’s products or services – anywhere, anytime.


About Len Vassos

Helping Small Business and Individuals develop their Social Media Presence to increase the visibility of their products and services. I also volunteer many hours in the community as the manager and assistant coach of Mississauga North Girls Softball team. I manage all aspects of team finances, budget, fundraising activities, procurement of uniforms, equipment and professional player training.
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